Staying Healthy, 3 Things to Do Easily Everyday

With the pandemic of COVID-19 sweeping the globe, I wanted to share 3 tips on how everyone can work towards health easily in their own home.

#1: Drinking Lots of Water

Our body needs water to operate and it’s better to have more than enough than too little. It’s easy to think you drank enough water when you’re not thirsty, but we only get thirsty in late stages of dehydration and by drinking a glass of water every hour or two we can assure our body has the fluids it needs to operate well. This improves memory, too!

#2: Eating Food That’s Still Alive

This is another way of saying “don’t eat processed foods.” Foods like chips, bread, pasta, rice have cells but the cells are like rock in the sense that they’re dead and not alive. Fresh meat, fruit and vegetables are literally still alive when you eat them, and they have cells that are still kicking. Eating these foods nourishes our body and eating dead matter only makes our body work harder to get them out of our system. So by restricting our diet to unprocessed foods that are still alive we assure health from the first source.

#3: Easy, At Home Exercises

My favorite exercise to do at home is bicycle kicks because it’s a cardio work out and an abs work out all in one. Also, push ups and sit ups are easy to do at home, so is simply stationary jogging or stretching and yoga. I have a friend in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada who taught me very interesting ab work outs that I do on the carpet at home. You can find many of them by searching for them online. There are hundreds of different easy work outs you can do that require no equipment, and they’re free!

From following these three steps you can make something out of nothing, getting what your body needs the most right here at home! Stay healthy out there everyone!


Fixing the Stuff in Your Home

A lesson is here to be learned about fixing the everyday items you have laying around your house. I speak for myself when I say that there are many useless items in my home and when they break I throw them away. There’s a solution to this problem, I think we can all agree. And so I am here today to represent the solution to accumulating broken goods in our homes.

When the sun is setting and you’re sitting on your porch wondering how your grandchildren will fair in this strange new world, what do you think is more important, all your decorations and literature or the health of the flesh and blood that you wish to see prosper? It’s very strange that we wish the best for future generations after we place all our resources to help people who are alive today. I’m not afraid to admit I wish the best for myself while I’m alive and that’s why I keep my household appliances in shipshape condition. I can cook a turkey when I want to because my oven works and I can freeze 30 pounds of fish because my freezer works and whenever one of my home appliances doesn’t work I can call a local appliances repair company to fix it and, wow, the problem is solved.

When it comes to fixing your home appliances you should either learn how to fix it yourself by watching videos like the one above or hire your best local appliance repair companies. Computers can be repaired by computer repair shops and toilets can be fixed by handymen, but when it comes to you and your home and what you can fix by yourself you must learn how to fix things around your home without relying on others to do it for you. That’s why my aunt used to say “never bother if it ain’t broke” and I would always listen. When something in your kitchen breaks, be it a microwave or a clock, you better know how to fix it or your only two other options are learning how to fix it or calling your local professionals. That’s why I always say to get used to fixing things around the home because you’ll never know when that knowledge and experience can help yourself or indeed help a stranger who could use your services.

Where I’ve been staying lately in Kamloops British Columbia, for example, I was trying to repair a broken dishwasher in my aunt’s kitchen. When I stressed out to the point where my aunt just called Appliance Repair Kamloops to get the problem solved without more worry, I realized how useful it is to have the skill to fix everyday things around your home. I’ve been saving up to full hours in my daily schedule because old appliances that never worked are now working.

This is partly why today you’re even reading this. That dishwasher changed everything for me, and now it’s impacting my blog. In the past week I’ve repaired more objects around my home than I’ve repaired in my whole lifetime because I’ve never appreciated this skill as much as I used to growing up. It’s amazing what perspective can do to adjust your physical actions in the world.

Another part of the reason I’m stressing the importance of learning how to fix everyday things is because many people when they watch television think they’re learning but don’t ever actually apply what they learned in the world. They can watch documentaries on science and space but never actually do anything with it besides pretend they’re a scientist to their friends or explode their opinion everywhere. I’m not here to do that today. This is all about the importance of application I was talking about a while back. When you learn to repair a toaster for the first time, you’ll know how to repair that appliance for the rest of your life and that skill is an asset that can benefit you and people around you when you don’t expect it.

In the end, fixing everyday things will always be something that other people besides you will know how to do. But by learning how to fix them yourself you can help others and apply that skill to future situations in your household. This is something I’ve been pondering over more in the past few days and I think this skill is more useful than many people realize. I’m so glad I can fix my own washing machine. I can fix my own fridge and my whole household is proud of me. I hope other people get to use this easily attainable skill in their own lives. Thank you.


Inventing Your Own Board Game

covid-19 board game

In the past few weeks, after a good friend installed a dangerous idea in my brain, I’ve been crazy about figuring out how to design and publish my own board game. Getting the idea was easy, and I’ll explain my idea below, but once I got my design mapped out I don’t know what to do next. Perhaps I will cross that bridge when I get there.

What’s My Board Game Idea?

My board game idea is this: It’s kind of like snakes and ladders except instead of snakes you have a deadly virus and instead of ladders you have people. The trick is to keep your player from catching the virus, but it all depends on your luck with the dice roll. It’s not supposed to be a parody of our current pandemic but rather an educational tool for children. I want to develop the game and sell it to day cares and elementary school. Teachers and caretakers could this game as a tool to teach children the importance of sanitation and the science of viruses.

If I have to, I was thinking of just making an online board game but I really want this to be physical because my sweetest idea is having the game come with a bottle of disinfectant so kids can disinfect their hands before playing with each other and touching all the pieces. It still could work as an online board game though. I better decide soon because I bet by tomorrow my whole design will be complete. If you have any other ideas you’d like to throw my way concerning this then please contact me.

If you’re developing your own board game then I wish you the best of luck in doing so!

Getting Back to Calculations… I Mean Blogging!

Calculations in my life have not been all that steady and, well, accurate. But I’m turning around with a new gear in shift, excited to be blogging again. This is 2020 with new challenges and new faces and it’s time to shift into 2020 vision mode, because it’s never too late.

I hope you all are as excited for this journey as I am. For all of those who used to stay updated on my blog only to find that I haven’t posted since 2016, I apologize. Trust me when I say I’ll do my best to make it up to you with amazing content, starting with the grand-slam “I’m back!” post.

It feels good to be blogging again… Ahhhhh!

Y’all Miss Me?

Sometimes you need to just get away from things, you need to dive into an atmosphere filled with individuals you know absolutely nothing about with the intent to have an experience. 

Does traveling make you feel good? Or does sitting on the couch wishing you were traveling make you feel good? Vix here, and if I can make one suggestion: if you are sitting on the fence about going somewhere, just dive in; you won’t regret having the experience in the books.

Where am I? Lord only knows… My body is here typing, but my mind is in some form of spiral.

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The Journey Is Near!

Feeling Like It’s Time!

I just got off the phone with cousin to hear that my aunt has planned her trip home to Victoria! Not only do I get to sit, relax, and enjoy peace and quiet with my cousin, but I get to see my aunt who I haven’t seen in over a year! Her partner works for Trustworthy Painters Victoria which keeps him crazy busy, she has been doing an enormous amount of traveling while he has focused on growing his company. She was gone for eleven months? A very long time (in my mind), I am beyond excited to see her. My aunt Marilyn has taught me a lot of what I know today, from cooking, to cleaning, to being an overall honest individual.

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The Challenges And The Discipline

I have mentioned that I like to remind myself of all the things I think and feel I must do to get to where I want to be. Well I can tell you, at this very moment in my life I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed. I have been told to talk to doctors, to see a specialist, just because I have gone COMPLETELY out of my norm. I am getting text messages from loved ones I haven’t seen in weeks, I know they all care but it is so hard for me to explain how I am feeling right now… Putting it into words is the challenge, if you can relate to this; I would love to listen. Email me. just because I feel a certain way doesn’t mean I can’t help someone else, I still hold the door open for people, I still pick up the litter I see, I still offer what I can with how I am feeling. Most importantly, if someone needs help I will still show up.

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I’ve Been Baking Up A Storm!

I am honesty not sure what it is, I just love to bake! My grandmother taught me a number of different ‘secret’ recipes when I was young and now as I sit back on my couch all I want to think about is those hours spent in the kitchen with her. Those are some powerful thoughts, and it’s bringing joy to my day! Hopefully I will attract some new pans using the Law Of Attraction, mine are not rusted but they have this fade to the metal; I often worry that this stuff is going to eat away at my insides. I know it won’t do me any harm, at least I am 99.9% sure I’ll be okay. Regardless, today I am thinking, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies or cranberry muffins. I love having options!

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~ Setting Those Darn Reminders ~

Those Things That Lend A Helping Hand

I’ve recently finished my book, the book is titled The Secret. Now I titled this post based on what I believe is one of the biggest benefits that it has given me so far; remembering to remember. Written by Rhonda Byrne, which I am feeling blessed to write down as this woman has truly opened my mind and changed my perspective. I feel that the words written in this text will be embedded into my system as time goes on, it is a lot to take in, truly. Though through setting those darn reminders I feel that with hundreds of sticky notes and countless pencils I will be able to retain an enormous portion of the teachings written in The Secret.

Thank You Rhonda.
Thank You Rhonda.

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Oh The Little Things!


I am currently reading this incredible book called The Secret, the author is Rhonda Byrne, and I can’t even begin to put into words what this woman has done for me! Amazing teachings and for those of you who haven’t come across the film or the book itself; please do yourself a favor and at least read the first five pages. This book has kept me walking around with this “Attitude Of Gratitude”, I love it!

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