Y’all Miss Me?

Sometimes you need to just get away from things, you need to dive into an atmosphere filled with individuals you know absolutely nothing about with the intent to have an experience. 

Does traveling make you feel good? Or does sitting on the couch wishing you were traveling make you feel good? Vix here, and if I can make one suggestion: if you are sitting on the fence about going somewhere, just dive in; you won’t regret having the experience in the books.

Where am I? Lord only knows… My body is here typing, but my mind is in some form of spiral.

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The Journey Is Near!

Feeling Like It’s Time!

I just got off the phone with cousin to hear that my aunt has planned her trip home to Victoria! Not only do I get to sit, relax, and enjoy peace and quiet with my cousin, but I get to see my aunt who I haven’t seen in over a year! Her partner works for Trustworthy Painters Victoria which keeps him crazy busy, she has been doing an enormous amount of traveling while he has focused on growing his company. She was gone for eleven months? A very long time (in my mind), I am beyond excited to see her. My aunt Marilyn has taught me a lot of what I know today, from cooking, to cleaning, to being an overall honest individual.

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The Challenges And The Discipline

I have mentioned that I like to remind myself of all the things I think and feel I must do to get to where I want to be. Well I can tell you, at this very moment in my life I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed. I have been told to talk to doctors, to see a specialist, just because I have gone COMPLETELY out of my norm. I am getting text messages from loved ones I haven’t seen in weeks, I know they all care but it is so hard for me to explain how I am feeling right now… Putting it into words is the challenge, if you can relate to this; I would love to listen. Email me. just because I feel a certain way doesn’t mean I can’t help someone else, I still hold the door open for people, I still pick up the litter I see, I still offer what I can with how I am feeling. Most importantly, if someone needs help I will still show up.


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I’ve Been Baking Up A Storm!

I am honesty not sure what it is, I just love to bake! My grandmother taught me a number of different ‘secret’ recipes when I was young and now as I sit back on my couch all I want to think about is those hours spent in the kitchen with her. Those are some powerful thoughts, and it’s bringing joy to my day! Hopefully I will attract some new pans using the Law Of Attraction, mine are not rusted but they have this fade to the metal; I often worry that this stuff is going to eat away at my insides. I know it won’t do me any harm, at least I am 99.9% sure I’ll be okay. Regardless, today I am thinking, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies or cranberry muffins. I love having options!

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~ Setting Those Darn Reminders ~

Those Things That Lend A Helping Hand

I’ve recently finished my book, the book is titled The Secret. Now I titled this post based on what I believe is one of the biggest benefits that it has given me so far; remembering to remember. Written by Rhonda Byrne, which I am feeling blessed to write down as this woman has truly opened my mind and changed my perspective. I feel that the words written in this text will be embedded into my system as time goes on, it is a lot to take in, truly. Though through setting those darn reminders I feel that with hundreds of sticky notes and countless pencils I will be able to retain an enormous portion of the teachings written in The Secret.

Thank You Rhonda.
Thank You Rhonda.

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Oh The Little Things!


I am currently reading this incredible book called The Secret, the author is Rhonda Byrne, and I can’t even begin to put into words what this woman has done for me! Amazing teachings and for those of you who haven’t come across the film or the book itself; please do yourself a favor and at least read the first five pages. This book has kept me walking around with this “Attitude Of Gratitude”, I love it!

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Time For A Road Trip

Vix Here.

It’s time to get back out on the road, I have been cramped up sitting around and I really need to get back to where I feel at home, the woods. I’m thinking of backpacking to Montreal, Canada. I might not get that far but by train and hitch I don’t see it being an issue. I was told wise words when I was in Central America.

 “Once A Traveler, Always A Traveler”

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Back And Ready To Share!

Taking My World By The Horns

What a challenging thing to do, but yet so beautiful. I have been in Victoria, British Columbia for the past three days and have really begun to grasp what Vix is talking about. The man has been so many places and I have recently begun opening my mind to the true importance of traveling! I am staying at my cousin’s house and currently doing some shift work for her partners company We Haul Cheap LTD. Doing what I can to help around during my stay as they have gone out of there way and insisted that I do not give them any money…

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Questing About

Donna here!

It’s time to write a short little blog post so I can get some things off my chest! I would love to hear from all of you who read this so please if you are interested in getting to know me further or would like to Skype? Contact me here! I’m not sure, I just love people and am always open to trying to new things when it comes to meeting people and getting to know others who I haven’t been in contact with before!

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