Something from nothing

Have you been chasing your dreams?

I would like to tell a little story about a dream I had in my younger years, my name is Vix; I plan on writing a lot for you guys here on Donna’s blog. I’m her second cousin currently staying in what seems to be Harry Potter’s Stair Escape (my home here is rather small). I made the decision years ago to venture off traveling to see what this world truly has to offer, learning valuable lessons and truly trusting my gut I found out soon enough that I needed to return home to apply what I had learned. I came across individuals who were beyond wealthy, I’m not talking about financial independence, I’m talking about individuals whom you enter their circle and you begin to feel lifted. Spirits that are not bound by circumstance and materialism, beautiful people who cherish nothing but the moment. The present moment is all that we have and during my travels this reality began to circulate throughout my body. My thoughts were then “I must return home”. 

Having returned back home to Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I came to the conclusion that I was simply not put here to quote on quote pay bills and die. I begun reading so much material on spirituality, optimism, realism, and the practice of cycling. That’s right, cycling. Having never imagined the beauty I would find in this art I was able to land a job cleaning kayaks in Downtown Victoria and shortly there after purchase my first bicycle. By no means was she pretty but that little thing got me anywhere I needed to go. Finding my passion took traveling to Asia, Central America, The United States, and the whole other side of Canada. What made me realize this dream I had? You may be thinking, “Okay Vix, you’ve told us about a dream you had in your younger years, what is it?” Well to my amazement I found that my dream was to simply ride across Canada on a bicycle; not any kind of bicycle, the very first bicycle I have ever purchased.

I won’t be listing my age as I do like surprises and I almost always enjoy a plot twist and or mystery; as I am the writer for this post I choose to create a mystery for you. How long do you think it took me to reach my goal? What do you believe I had to say to myself when the going got tough to keep pushing forward and punch through the barriers? Do you have a dream? CHASE IT!

I am now staying at Donna’s due to some issues I am having with my leg, I did ride across Canada and it almost cost me a limb; was it worth it? Every last minute of it.

Haha, this is me in a nutshell

This is me in a nutshell.

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