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Donna here!

It’s time to write a short little blog post so I can get some things off my chest! I would love to hear from all of you who read this so please if you are interested in getting to know me further or would like to Skype? Contact me here! I’m not sure, I just love people and am always open to trying to new things when it comes to meeting people and getting to know others who I haven’t been in contact with before!

I have been so busy with work, storage lockers, car insurance, and everything else that comes up at odd times. Finally I have the ability to sit down before I head off to the wilderness to do some long awaited camping. I would like to share a nice little experience I had recently with someone who I didn’t expect to ever see again. I ran into my kindergarten teacher! How cool is this? What a unique interaction, years and years later and now I see in her posture that she has lived a life that she is proud of. Obviously in my younger years I didn’t pick this up nor carry the awareness to acknowledge it; my point for writing this little post is that after speaking with my kindergarten teacher and watching her walk away, I realized something crucial about this life. You must follow what your heart desires, truly, it’s all that matters. Her desire was to help little ones grow up in an environment they could look back on and smile about; what an incredible women! Giving a support system to those who didn’t necessarily have it, no wonder she walks the way she goes… She has done amazing things with her time on earth!

I just wanted to share this because not only did it almost bring tears to my eyes it had me really thinking about my way of living and my previous actions. I have since begun to imagine the life I want to live and am doing what I can to make the things that I desire come about. Since running into my kindergarten teacher I realized that you have to help others to get what you desire but to carry a pure motive is of the utmost importance. You don’t help people so you can receive, you help others because it’s the darn tootin’ right thing to do!


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Enjoy the summer, I’ll be back soon, time to go and enjoy the wilderness and perhaps a few bottles of white wine…