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Taking My World By The Horns

What a challenging thing to do, but yet so beautiful. I have been in Victoria, British Columbia for the past three days and have really begun to grasp what Vix is talking about. The man has been so many places and I have recently begun opening my mind to the true importance of traveling! I am staying at my cousin’s house and currently doing some shift work for her partners company We Haul Cheap LTD. Doing what I can to help around during my stay as they have gone out of there way and insisted that I do not give them any money…

The Beautiful Empress Hotel In Victoria, BC

The Beautiful Empress Hotel, what a sight to see.

How did I get here? I decided it was time for some change and really just needed to connect with what I thought was missing in my life, and that was some adventure. My last post I spoke about the camping trip that I was heading off to enjoy; well I got a call from Geraldine and my route flipped after a phone call. Basically I had been convinced in a matter of six to eight minutes of speaking with a loved one who I haven’t seen in ages that “it’s in my best interest to get on a plane and come have some downtime”. Well my actions that night consisted of unpacking what I had for camping gear, completely reorganizing my bags, and then packing a suitcase with a number of dresses and what I call ‘flow clothes’. I then had a taxi arrive at my house shortly thereafter to drive me to the airport where I then boarded a plane for a four hour flight to Victoria.

Now this might not make a whole lot of sense to some, but I must say; it felt incredible to write that paragraph. Not only do I have such a supportive and caring family support system but I am realizing that I have a roof over my head free of charge and the most relaxing company I’ve come in contact with in months.

We spent the evening listening to CCR’s greatest hits¬†while reminiscing about our goofy childhood lovers and horrendous taste in boys. Geraldine is an incredible human being and without Vix I don’t think I would be here with her… So Vix, you’ll probably read this within the next few days, when you do, call me please.

Live for the moment, and dance!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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