This Place Is Beyond Beautiful

Truly In My Glory!

There was so much to do in Victoria, British Columbia! We traveled all around the island! Stopped in at Cathedral Grove, Sooke Potholes, this beautiful beach in Parksville, and spent a lot of time at a beach called Island View.

I could not be more grateful to have a free roof over my head during my stay, my bank account really did question my trip, but does it matter? Not at all, at the end of the day I went for an experience and I got something I will never forget. A little bit of voluntary shift work, some cleaning, and some cooking; worth every penny spent and every ounce of loving work I gave! For those who haven’t had the opportunity to travel to Victoria, or even Canada; I would write that one down on your list! There is everything there, wildlife, caring people, rivers, the ocean, mountains, countless camp grounds, and an enormous amount of wineries. ; ]

I can’t wait to go back, I have planned another trip already, that will occur within the next six months once I catch up on some payments and decide how long I’ll be able to go for; it’s looking like Alaska is calling me

One thing I will not take for granted during my travels was the amazing time spent on the ocean and by the ocean. We went on water taxi’s, visited local restaurants that were built on docks, we even went to the aquarium! Writing all this down is making me smile, Victoria, BC is far from short of gorgeous scenery and adventure. I kid you not, the jellyfish we saw were absolutely breathtaking; I haven’t seen creatures of such unique qualities so up close and personal. I think I may have a new favorite animal.

The Incredible Jelly Fish!

For those who missed my last post, it sort of explains how I got to this state of relief and gratitude! Want to know a little about me as a writer? I have some information about me and my family here!

God Bless,

Donna ~