Time For A Road Trip

Vix Here.

It’s time to get back out on the road, I have been cramped up sitting around and I really need to get back to where I feel at home, the woods. I’m thinking of backpacking to Montreal, Canada. I might not get that far but by train and hitch I don’t see it being an issue. I was told wise words when I was in Central America.

 “Once A Traveler, Always A Traveler”

I’ve been around the block a few times and it seems to be that every time I make a decision like this it gets interfered, almost like the universe is trying to tell me something. My health could be better and I am not one to talk about problems but it really could be better… As I write to you I am constantly seeing pictures in my mind of all my past brothers and sisters who I met on the road; it is time to leave. Whether this be a surprise to some I do not feel the need to apologize but hope that you wish me the best during my travels. Surely this will not be of surprise to those of you who have known me for years, my loved ones like to say, “I’m the mystery man”.


This is a Wikipedia link that gives you an idea as to why I chose Montreal, I personally would skip down to the Architecture article.

I woke up in that Harry Potter Like Room this morning and thought to myself “Vix, get out, find love, or follow nature, you are nature”. These are powerful thoughts to be having when your serotonin levels are peaking in the morning, really puts things into a new perspective. I will add that yesterday I felt comfortable though not content, this journey will open my heart and open my eyes again. That’s what traveling and adventuring in the woods is like for me, ‘opening my eyes again’. Feeding off the wilderness is appropriate yeah? Feeling like trees can speak, your feet travel for you, the clouds connect together to shade you when your dehydrated, the predators in the wild remain at a distance because you are meant to be with nature. These I believe are natural feelings, have I always felt this way? Surely not. In my younger years I did not look at traveling this way, I wanted to party, meet women, and do things I shouldn’t be doing. As I have grown older I see things with new eyes and that has only come from experience. We never stop learning, and for me to have that same desire I did when I was twenty except carrying an entirely different motive, truly is unexplainable.

Be well all, you will hear from me in the future.