I’ve Been Baking Up A Storm!

I am honesty not sure what it is, I just love to bake! My grandmother taught me a number of different ‘secret’ recipes when I was young and now as I sit back on my couch all I want to think about is those hours spent in the kitchen with her. Those are some powerful thoughts, and it’s bringing joy to my day! Hopefully I will attract some new pans using the Law Of Attraction, mine are not rusted but they have this fade to the metal; I often worry that this stuff is going to eat away at my insides. I know it won’t do me any harm, at least I am 99.9% sure I’ll be okay. Regardless, today I am thinking, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies or cranberry muffins. I love having options!

Is anyone a fan of peanut butter? I seem to be putting it on everything! I found myself in the fridge last night putting spinach in a jar of peanut butter, stirring it up with a fork and then adding berries to the top. How interesting of a combination is that? I thought to myself “hmm, healthy fats, natural proteins, light sugar with the berries, and vitamins from the spinach; this is perfect.” Now I think back to myself and think “Whoa, it must have been late.”

So this recipe my grandmother shared with me is quite unique, but nothing too crazy. A few secret ingredients go a long way I must say, it totally changes the whole texture. Crushed almonds, but very finely crushed, as well as crushed espresso beans. It gives my cookies this hint to it, and I can’t even count how many compliments I’ve gotten! It’s a very different approach I think, with the espresso beans more so, why not just regular coffee beans? Honestly, I am not sure. I was told to do it this way so that’s the way I’ve chosen to do it. I often make four batches at a time (of the peanut butter chocolate chip), and share them with friends and family. More often than not we get five or six that go in the freezer for a night time snack later on. It may sound funny, but when I wake up at three in the morning and can’t fall back asleep sometimes the only thing that will put me back to sleep is one of my cookies… You’d think the sugar would keep me awake, but it goes back to The Secret in that sense; everything is in your mind!

Time to get back to it, happy I could stop in and share with you a passion of mine! If you’d like to share a favorite recipe with me, visit our contact page for more information on getting in touch! I’d love to create something with you!

(Right now I am doing everything I can to manifest a new bakers book)

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God Bless,