Y’all Miss Me?

Sometimes you need to just get away from things, you need to dive into an atmosphere filled with individuals you know absolutely nothing about with the intent to have an experience. 

Does traveling make you feel good? Or does sitting on the couch wishing you were traveling make you feel good? Vix here, and if I can make one suggestion: if you are sitting on the fence about going somewhere, just dive in; you won’t regret having the experience in the books.

Where am I? Lord only knows… My body is here typing, but my mind is in some form of spiral.

I do want to head home, and I don’t. I don’t want to be sitting in that tiny room wishing I was somewhere else, I want to be in the woods, on a train to an unknown destination, have a tent pitched in the middle of no where; where I belong! Everything I just listed besides sitting in that tiny room leaves a lot of space for new things to happen, something that hasn’t been seen or done before by I. How exhilarating is that to think about? “Something that hasn’t been seen or done before by I”, I should get this put on a t-shirt and wear it everywhere I go.

Those powerful words leave so much room for questions; questions neither you or I have the answer to because it’s a mystery that only time will be able to explain! I apologize for my absence. Though I have only written to you all a few short times I do enjoy sharing things I believe to have true value. I also would like to apologize in advance for perhaps some sloppiness as I have had a bit to drink and though I feel fantastic my typing and grammar may not be at the level which I normally express. I was gifted with a flask of whiskey from a lovely lady at one of the local breweries, who knows; I may be going back there tonight…

My experiences throughout the past month have been wild, my journey has felt long some days and short most… The days that feel so short are the days that I feel at peace with mother earth, not questioning existence like I have in the past but embracing my surroundings and feeling the excitement of not having a final destination.

I will be checking the email for this website. You can email here and I will be getting back to you within a few short days. Ask me about my trip, want to know how I got to Montreal and further? 

  1. Determination
  2. Gratitude
  3. Faith