Inventing Your Own Board Game

covid-19 board game

In the past few weeks, after a good friend installed a dangerous idea in my brain, I’ve been crazy about figuring out how to design and publish my own board game. Getting the idea was easy, and I’ll explain my idea below, but once I got my design mapped out I don’t know what to do next. Perhaps I will cross that bridge when I get there.

What’s My Board Game Idea?

My board game idea is this: It’s kind of like snakes and ladders except instead of snakes you have a deadly virus and instead of ladders you have people. The trick is to keep your player from catching the virus, but it all depends on your luck with the dice roll. It’s not supposed to be a parody of our current pandemic but rather an educational tool for children. I want to develop the game and sell it to day cares and elementary school. Teachers and caretakers could this game as a tool to teach children the importance of sanitation and the science of viruses.

If I have to, I was thinking of just making an online board game but I really want this to be physical because my sweetest idea is having the game come with a bottle of disinfectant so kids can disinfect their hands before playing with each other and touching all the pieces. It still could work as an online board game though. I better decide soon because I bet by tomorrow my whole design will be complete. If you have any other ideas you’d like to throw my way concerning this then please contact me.

If you’re developing your own board game then I wish you the best of luck in doing so!