Staying Healthy, 3 Things to Do Easily Everyday

With the pandemic of COVID-19 sweeping the globe, I wanted to share 3 tips on how everyone can work towards health easily in their own home.

#1: Drinking Lots of Water

Our body needs water to operate and it’s better to have more than enough than too little. It’s easy to think you drank enough water when you’re not thirsty, but we only get thirsty in late stages of dehydration and by drinking a glass of water every hour or two we can assure our body has the fluids it needs to operate well. This improves memory, too!

#2: Eating Food That’s Still Alive

This is another way of saying “don’t eat processed foods.” Foods like chips, bread, pasta, rice have cells but the cells are like rock in the sense that they’re dead and not alive. Fresh meat, fruit and vegetables are literally still alive when you eat them, and they have cells that are still kicking. Eating these foods nourishes our body and eating dead matter only makes our body work harder to get them out of our system. So by restricting our diet to unprocessed foods that are still alive we assure health from the first source.

#3: Easy, At Home Exercises

My favorite exercise to do at home is bicycle kicks because it’s a cardio work out and an abs work out all in one. Also, push ups and sit ups are easy to do at home, so is simply stationary jogging or stretching and yoga. I have a friend in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada who taught me very interesting ab work outs that I do on the carpet at home. You can find many of them by searching for them online. There are hundreds of different easy work outs you can do that require no equipment, and they’re free!

From following these three steps you can make something out of nothing, getting what your body needs the most right here at home! Stay healthy out there everyone!