Doing What You’re Best At is Not Always the Best Thing

This is why you should try the things you suck at:

Sometimes people are best at doing something they don’t enjoy doing. For example, as a kid in elementary school I was always picked first on sports teams during gym class because I was really good at nearly any sport I tried to learn, but I wish I wasn’t picked first every time so I could play with my friends.

In other examples, people who are really good at trades like construction carpentry and the like are stuck with jobs they don’t like all that much. A lot of people in trades wish they were academics, but since they’re the best at what they do so many people rely on them and they never seem to switch careers because of that.

When I was a teenager I was the best in my social studies class, had the top marks, but that never meant I wanted to pursue more social studies education in post secondary.

Another major reason why it’s not always best to do what you’re best at is because you never get the chance to hone your weaker skills or pick up new applications. For instance, if you were the best in the world at race car driving and that’s all you did for your whole life, you may never get to experience the thrill of boating or biking. Although you may not be the best at boating or biking, it might be the best activity for someone to do if all they’ve done is drive cars their whole life.

Sometimes the best thing to do is what you suck at most. Now that doesn’t mean the best roofer Victoria BC has around should suddenly become a race car driver. If a roofer is the best at what he does and loves his job, then good for him, but he’ll never learn something new like bricklaying if he doesn’t try. Doing what you suck at is best for learning new skills and picking up the slack on your weaknesses. This is the case for academia too, as many experts in certain topics never become amateurs in others.

To finish off, here is a list of four things I used to suck at but now I’m decent at because I tried them knowing I wasn’t the best:

  1. gardening
  2. roofing
  3. video games
  4. networking

I hope this post made you think differently, and that you have a wonderful day!