Why I FOMO’d and Bought 8 Million Safemoon Coins

safemoon to the moon

If you don’t know what Safemoon is, you might think I’m crazy because 8 million is a lot! But honestly it’s only $50 worth, on April 19th, 2021 that is. In fact, by the time I’m writing this I’m amazed to see my $50 is already at $73! How? Because Safemoon (MOON) is a cryptocurrency designed to bring people safely to the moon. And if you don’t know what “to the moon” means, it means WE’RE GETTING %7,000 profits in the last month, and on top of that the coin is self-generating and auto-accrues in your Trust Wallet account to make you even richer.

Now I’ll continue writing as if you already know what Safemoon is, so I can explain why I bought it and hopefully persuade others to join in and raise the price even more.

When I bought my $50 worth, I thought of it as buying a lottery ticket. For all I know the coin could crash, which is why I won’t be investing a lot. But I know other people who have invested millions of USD worth already and are going crazy with %7,000 profits. That’s why I bought it. I FOMO’d (fear of missing out) and I’m glad I did.

Another reason I bought it us because I’ve been beating myself up since January for missing the Bitcoin explosion, and I wanted to try something I suck at–investing. I decided I won’t miss any more chances to get rich from crypto if I can help it. I don’t want to say what the bulk of my portfolio is (actually it’s Cardano:ADA) because I prefer to have the bulk of my investments in safe bets rather than huge risks. But I’m willing to take this little risk with Safemoon and I hope you will consider it too if you can afford to lose $50.

Here we go to the moon!