Something from nothing

Have you been chasing your dreams?

I would like to tell a little story about a dream I had in my younger years, my name is Vix; I plan on writing a lot for you guys here on Donna’s blog. I’m her second cousin currently staying in what seems to be Harry Potter’s Stair Escape (my home here is rather small). I made the decision years ago to venture off traveling to see what this world truly has to offer, learning valuable lessons and truly trusting my gut I found out soon enough that I needed to return home to apply what I had learned. I came across individuals who were beyond wealthy, I’m not talking about financial independence, I’m talking about individuals whom you enter their circle and you begin to feel lifted. Spirits that are not bound by circumstance and materialism, beautiful people who cherish nothing but the moment. The present moment is all that we have and during my travels this reality began to circulate throughout my body. My thoughts were then “I must return home”. Continue reading →

Definitely going to do my best to stay relatively active!

This is the beginning of something specialWriting is something I enjoy doing in my free time and it really doesn’t matter what I’m writing about; I find it’s a soothing way to clear my head and just let the thoughts go. Meditation in motion! Awareness is key. Visit my site for any and all updates.

This post I felt needed some love, I was rushed at the beginning of this blog and will be making up for it over the course of today and tomorrow!

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Thank you!