Travelers Guide

A Little Guide For Travelers

Having done a tad bit myself I feel I have the experience to give advice to those who make the decision to embark on a new journey. Not everyone asks but sometimes words of encouragement are simply nice to hear; even if they just remain in the background.

My name is Vix, and I have traveled across the world. What a beautiful thing to write down, wow. So here we go, onto this little page of knowledge I am here to create…

Sense of humor is crucial when your on the road, your going to come across a number of individuals who want to pick and prod at your personal space and perhaps try and get a reaction out of you, simply smile and trust that it’s for a purpose; character building.

Pack light and carb up, protein powders are great to help restore the battering you’ll end up putting your body through but it is important to load up on fats and carbs as well; you burn a lot on the road. Trail mix, bread and peanut butter, fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots. Some personal favorites of mine are canned cashews with dried cranberries as well as cauliflower with peanut butter. These are the traveling snacks, it’s important to get pastas and high protein meals mid day to carry the energy levels throughout.

That’s enough about food, (also I found collapsible water bottles made packing smooth). Let’s get to the good stuff. A good knife/multi-tool, lighter as well as matches, fire starter, compass, a tarp, rope, micro sleeping bag, and a one to two man tent. You are now set to venture into the woods as long as you carry the most important thing that hasn’t yet been listed; the proper mindset. Enjoy the adventure and have that be your reason for pushing through the terrain that is rough and the people that aren’t as friendly as you would like them to be. Traveling is a beautiful thing and this is a short description as to what I think are necessities while backpacking.

Be safe, step out and explore.